Web3 Rust Smart Contract Developer

100% remoto desde cualquier lugar del mundo
Jornada completa
$80,000 - $140,000

Descripción del puesto de trabajo

We are looking for a Senior Rust / CosmWasm Smart Contract Developer to join our rockstar team to help build some of the most innovative applications in crypto. While we highly prefer
someone with experience writing smart contracts on CosmWasm (Cosmos ecosystems), we are able to help accelerate learning this particular skill set with someone who has deep Rust experience.

An ideal team member is:
● An experienced smart contract developer with a passion for building the next generation of cryptocurrency protocols.
● An avid follower of new crypto developments including L2s / scaling technologies, cross-chain technologies, and new DeFi primitives.
● Comfortable working in a fast-paced environment.
● A collaborative problem-solver who is willing to help other team members.
● In their element when it comes to the creative and sometimes chaotic DAO environment.

● Design, code, test and deploy smart contracts.
● Review code written by other team members.
● Collaborate with auditors to ensure code quality standards and security.
● Assist with documentation and communications with the project communities.

Basic Qualifications
● 3+ years of experience developing product-grade applications with Rust and/or experience developing smart contracts on CosmWasm, Solidity, and/or Solana.
● A deep understanding of DeFi and crypto financial concepts.

Preferred Qualifications
● Experience deploying complex smart contracts that have been used on mainnet of a top blockchain.
● A deep understanding of one or more smart contract platforms including CosmWasm, Ethereum Virtual Machine, and Solana.
● Experience with DeFi testing, security, or auditing.


Fuente: web3.career


Puesto de trabajo: Desarrollador/a Blockchain
Conocimientos/habilidades: Blockchain, Informática, Rust, Smart Contracts, Solidity

Tipo de empleo

Jornada completa, 100% remoto.


Cualquier lugar del mundo.


$80,000 - $140,000/año.


Publicada 06/11/2022
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