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We are looking for a creative, self-motivated Integrations Engineer who can interface with the projects and protocols building on top of Connext, and own their development experience end to end. Ideally, you are experienced with the development patterns in the space, passionate about both Ethereum products and user experience, and you are flexible enough to jump in and out of customers' open source codebases as needed.


Interface with the development teams of projects building on top of Connext and help with ongoing developer support.
Design and optimize a process for getting these projects from first reading our docs to being in production.
Iterate on Connext's developer experience based on feedback from users.
Build PoCs and hacks on top of Connext to showcase our technology and demonstrate how it can be used to the broader community.


Extensive experience building projects and hacks in the space.
Familiarity with common Ethereum dApp and wallet development paradigms as well as industry-standard developer tooling like Ethers, Hardhat, etc.
Excellent communication and organizational skills.
A love for building cool things with great people.


Experience building developer-facing products and/or in an integrations role.
An additional interest in being involved in Connext's community as a developer evangelist.


Please include Github profile and links that best showcase the relevant things you've built and done!
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Puesto de trabajo: Programador/a
Conocimientos/habilidades: dApps, Ethereum, Informática

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