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What do we do at Graphext?
We are a team of 18 people. We develop software for people who studied business, economics, biology, psycology, engineering, journalism... to enable them to do advanced data analytics without knowing how to write code. For those creative people that find Excel and current business intelligence tools (like Tableau or Power BI) too limited.

We allow them to run analyses that are more "predictive" and "prescriptive" than descriptive, with the same power of analysis as if they had studied Maths or Computer Science and knew how to write code in Python or R... for more than 50 different use cases that we have identified so far... from developing new drugs, to understand why some crimes are growing o why the employees of a company are leaving.

Current data science tools demand learning to code in Python or R (which takes years until someone is fluid enough). These tools don't guide you either. Don't help you discover what methods and techniques are appropriate for different kinds of analysis (data cleaning, enrichment, modeling) to solve many business problems. These tools aren't very interactive (you need a quick feedback loop to understand what you are doing), and you can only work with structure data (numerical and categorical data). They miss all the possibilities we now have to analyze texts and images thanks to AI's latest advancements.


What is this role all about?

We believe that the best marketing is a great product that is so good, that people need to tell everyone about it when they try it for the first time: word of mouth.

In 3.5 years, we haven’t hired a single person for a marketing role because we wanted to focus on making the product great. We recently launched a freemium version of Graphext so anyone can register and try the product on their own. We are starting to feel comfortable to reach way more people from those that organically met us (around 100 people a day visit organically our website) by word of mouth and reading our content primerarly in Spanish for now. This also made 80% of the people visiting our website come from Spain (where we are originally from). It's time to make the world knows about what we are doing (in English).

We also believe the second-best way of doing marketing is education. Buyers now prefer to self-educate. 3 of 4 business software buyers would rather self-educate than learn about a product from an sales person.  Our potential customers are curious and creative minds. They love learning about new things. So that's why we want to bet on high-quality content in multiple forms.


What we are expecting from you
📊 Data Science Skills
Genuine Curiosity for data analytics - We expect you to be very motivated about the possibilities data is bringing to the world, even if you have all the other skills we are listing below, if you are not passionate about this, we won't succeed.

Data Science Knowledge - You will need to understand a lot of concepts in this field. If you already have studied or learned on your own about data analytics and can even program in Python or R, that's fantastic otherwise, if you have the motivation, you learn them with us.

🕸 Networking Skills
Knowledge of Existing Data Media - You will be in charge of distributing our content, teach Graphext, reach out to influencers or reporters. If you already know key opinion leaders in this field and publications in this area, that's another extra point.

🗣 Communication Skills
English - As mentioned before one of our main objectives is to reach an international audience, we expect you to have a fluid English, if you speak Spanish even better, but for this role; English is more important.

Creativity to generate ideas for content - Even though we have tons of ideas about what to publish, there are probably many other ideas way better we are missing. It will be also your responsibility to prioritize these ideas.

Writing Skills - Clear writing means clear thinking.

Audiovisual Skills - We want to bet a lot for audiovisual content (YouTube videos, streaming on Twitch, maybe podcasts..) I love these Webflow video tutorials for instance.


Extra points if you...
You have experience with SEO and SEM.
You have experience with BI tools like Tableau, Power BI...
Knowledge about no-code tools as Notion, Webflow, Airtable, Zapier, Integromat...
You have experience using CRMs like Hubspot.
You have a bachelor's degree or master or any other educational background that proves you are hard-working, patient, and smart enough! (You can also be all these things without one, but might save some time for us to test it)
Previous experience in start up environments.




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